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Discover the products of the PRMFACTORY line. Food supplements of the highest quality, designed and formulated to significantly improve the style and quality of our life, with a single objective: Health, both in prevention and treatment.


Think Health.

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Thinking Health , this is the most immediate claim that describes the conceptual structure of PRMF . You know the classic saying ' think about your health! '? Maybe after an anger, an outburst, a disappointment or a cheat... your friend helps you with these few words which resemble a half-defeat but which in truth bring you back to the only true vital need, Health in all its definitions and applications.

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PRMFactory e Sport | Giorgio Avola campione Olimpico
Salute e Benessere, giorgio avola, scherma, giorgio avola qualificazioni, scherma modica, sport, glunac e sport, giorgio avola campione olimpico,

PRMFactory e Sport | Giorgio Avola campione Olimpico

Pierluigi Rosa

2024-01-16 11:09

PRMFactory e Sport | Giorgio Avola campione Olimpico   Noi di PRMFactory, appassionati da sempre, sappiamo benissimo quanto, lo sport e l’attività fis

2° Congresso Mondiale di Medicina Integrata | Roma 2023
integratore alimentare, integratori alimentari, congresso Roma, congresso medicina integrata, glunac, epifis, anflamed, salute ,

2° Congresso Mondiale di Medicina Integrata | Roma 2023

Pierluigi Rosa

2023-10-03 09:18

Sabato scorso si è concluso a Roma il secondo congresso mondiale di Medicina Integrata, circa 900 partecipanti.

L’ infiammazione e il dolore cronico: un cortocircuito da disinnescare
Salute e Benessere, infiammazione, infiammazione cronica, malattia infiammatoria, boswellia, bromelina, sistema immunitario, curcumina,

L’ infiammazione e il dolore cronico: un cortocircuito da disinnescare

Pierluigi Rosa

2021-03-31 10:03

L’ infiammazione e il dolore cronico: un cortocircuito da disinnescare    L’infiammazione è il principale meccanismodi difesa dell’organismo.

Insonnia, un problema comune.
Salute e Benessere, Insonnia, stress, ansia,

Insonnia, un problema comune.

Pierluigi Rosa

2020-12-04 10:43

L’insonnia è un disturbo che inquadra come sintomi specifici: difficoltà ad addormentarsi, frequenti risvegli notturni, riposo agitato, scarsa qualità del sonno

Conventions and Congresses.

PRMFactory is always on a constant journey. A journey with a single objective: To improve oneself and improve the health of those who rely on our products. You can follow us around Italy at all the major themed conventions and meet us in person.



You can contact us, call us or write to us at any time, also via WhatsApp to place your order or simply to request information about the products in our line.





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We are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday for any clarification. Don't hesitate to call us.

If you want information about our products, you can call us from Monday to Friday. We are at your complete disposal.

You can also write to us on Whatsapp .

We're at your service.

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